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Martha is wonderful, and has a very amazing personality. She listens and is very patient. You can tell that she know her work and she is very passionate. You can hear it all in her tone when she advising. THANK YOU ! Definitely open my eyes to see life in many other different prospectives. Kevin T.

“Well, it’s almost been a month since I started this journey and I am loving it!!! Who knew? 🤷🏽‍♀️ My life coach Martha Rice has been with me every step of the way. 💯 It’s the small victories I must remember to celebrate.✅ — feeling motivated.” Lady D

“Martha Rice solidified her abilities as a magnificent Life Coach with simply her first 3 questions posed to me! Thought provoking, soul searching, eye opening and simplistic conversation. Thank you!” Deanna Smith

“My Coach Martha Rice is amazing! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is trying to get their life on track; emotionally or physically. Her guidance and mentorship has skyrocketed my career and personal health. She genuinely cares about my goals and my success. I found her to be fair, straight forward and direct which is exactly what I needed in my life” Theresa

“I wanted to write a special note about Martha Rice. She was hired to be a coach to my family. I had cancer and Martha did a wonderful job coaching my family on how to come together to help me. My family expressed their appreciation and feels less stressed. Martha helped us find resources to help my family care for me. Thank you so much you made a huge difference in our lives” Shirley

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